Jane the Virgin Has Immaculately Conceived a Possible Spinoff

Valentina Garza. Photo: Courtesy of the CW

Jane the Virgin will end after its fifth season, but the show may live on in some form at the CW. Vulture can report that the network is developing a currently untitled spinoff series that will be written by longtime Jane writer Valentina Garza, who has been involved in a lot of the original series’s big stories, notably Xiomara’s cancer story line. Gina Rodriguez, Jane creator Jennie Snyder Urman, Ben Silverman, Joanna Klein, and Emily Gipson will executive produce the series, while Jane director Brad Silberling will direct and executive produce. There isn’t much known about how the Jane spinoff will work, though it’s not built around a specific Jane character, and Urman has long said that it’s important to her that Jane the Virgin itself be a self-contained story. The spinoff is currently just a script in development in contention to be picked up as a pilot, a decision that would come in late December or early January. Jane the Virgin will return to TV on the CW this spring after All American finishes airing its first season.

Jane the Virgin Immaculately Conceives a Possible Spinoff