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Jon Stewart, Jonathan Van Ness, and Eric Andre Help Samantha Bee Sing a Song of Eggnog

If there is one thing people in need … well, need, it’s definitely a celebrity-benefit single talking about how much they need stuff. If there are two things, however, the second would definitely be a huge punch bowl full of eggnog that Patton Oswalt put his hands in. The comedian lent his nog-stirring fingers and vocal chords to Full Frontal With Samantha Bee’s Christmas on I.C.E. special, alongside Jon Stewart, Jon Cryer, Eric Andre, Molly Ringwald, Olivia Munn, Matthew Broderick, Jonathan Van Ness, and more of the finest voices fit to coat with a thick gloss of nog.

If you’ve already consumed all your obtainable nog, you could also make like Sam Bee and help out by donating your time, talents, and/or money to refugee and immigrant-rights organization KIND, which will receive ticket tales and a portion of merchandise from the special, which was taped live in New York on Monday. And if you hate eggnog, just sub in your favorite holiday drink of choice, like hot buttered rum or Jell-O liquid right before it sets.

Jon Stewart, Jonathan Van Ness Sing Sam Bee’s Eggnog Song