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After a Brief Détente, the Kanye/Drake Beef Is Back On

Someone put them in time-out. Photo: Getty Images

In this edition of Guess What Kanye Tweeted, he’s back to being in his feelings about his frenemy Drake. Earlier this year, Kanye tweeted his many apologies to the rapper with whom he’s had a falling out over, oh I don’t know, everything. Then, a couple of weeks later, took a less conciliatory tone with an Instagram video scolding Drake for letting people believe Drake had slept with Kim Kardashian West. Feeling a way once again, Kanye tweeted on Thursday that Drake owes him an overdue apology for being shady. The tweets were sparked by Drake’s apparent indirect request to get permission for sample clearance of 2009’s “Say What’s Real,” which flipped Kanye’s “Say You Will” (likely because Drake intends to release his So Far Gone mixtape on streaming for the first time for its tenth anniversary next year).

But Kanye has some conditions: First, Drake must apologize for dissing his Yeezys. Then he has to make amends for being all buddy-buddy with Kris Jenner behind Kanye’s back. He must definitely pay penance for allegedly having Pusha T attacked at his Toronto show, and acknowledge the proof that Kanye didn’t spill the beans about Drake’s secret son after all. But of utmost importance, Kanye won’t rest until Drake says he’s sorry for sending him all those devil emoji during Kanye’s difficult time. “It’s all love bro bro but don’t play with me,” he tweeted. “I need my apologies now. No tough talk either.”

It seemed Kanye apparently got his apology (and fast!). And Drake got … what he had coming: Kanye denied the clearance anyway, to which Drake sent a different, less devilish emoji. We hope you’ve enjoyed this playground drama.

Update, 10:20 p.m. EST: Kanye is now tweeting that Drake actually called to threaten Ye. Kanye is now laying not only the Pusha T attack at Aubrey’s feet, but also all of hip-hop’s ills. “I got a family and kids. 69 is locked up xxx is dead. The kid that ran on stage is in the hospital,” wrote Kanye, “He running around like he pac.” In a series of unthreaded tweets, Kanye elaborated that his problem with Drake is that Kanye feels he set the template for being simultaneously hard and soft. Kanye’s pink polo-wearing paved the way for Drake’s incessant outpouring of feelings, and now Drake is threatening him? How dare he?!

West went on to say that this beef with Drake is indicative of why black people cannot overcome oppression in this country. “That’s why black people never get ahead and and we stay controlled,” he tweeted. “Cause we rather act cool than sit and have a convo … Now it’s a kid in@critical [sic] condition.”

In the end, Kanye believes that though the animosity between him and Drake is real, Drake’s threats are fake as fuck. “We both too high profile for you to actually do something to me,” Ye tweeted. Kanye wants to settle this with a face-to-face conversation: “Drake I’m not going to physically fight you like it’s MTV boxing.”

Kanye feels Drake is a pawn in a larger game, or perhaps computer simulation. “These tweets are not emotional,” he wrote, “This is a man speaking to a man that has been placed in the program to fuck with Kanye West head and set me up.” And because Ye feels that Drake’s a pawn, he’s taking the higher road, saying that he would never mention Drake’s “(blank).” But what is blank? WHAT IS BLANK? Son? Blackface photo? Friend with MS? Pathetic crush on Rihanna? The possibilities are endless.

Update, midnight: Now he’s screenshotting the Book of Revelations and calling out Travis Scott for the Drake collab. “People sold their souls,” Ye tweeted-and-deleted. “You gotta a number one record but you got it by letting this dude diss your brother in law.” Did Kanye confirm that Kylie and Travis are actually married? Stay tuned.

Update, December 14: Because a Kardashian was always going to have the last word in this tussle, Kim herself threw in a late shot at Drake over Twitter telling him not to threaten her husband or the rest of the family ever again. She even @-replied him, because like Kanye said, sneak dissin’ is for the weak. Will this uncivil war soon turn sister against sister? Kylie, what say you?

Meanwhile, with all that vitriol out of his system, Kanye has moved on to happy thoughts, however long that lasts.

Oh but wait, another word from the peanut gallery! Drake’s baby mama, Sophie Brussaux, has added her two cents on this feud in a response to an Ariana Grande tweet telling people ignore those two “grown men” fighting. According to Brussaux, only one of said men is grown (guess who) and Kanye’s only beef is with himself. Keep the takes coming!

Kanye Demands Apology From Drake on Twitter