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Kevin Spacey’s Bizarro YouTube Video Has Its Own IMDb Profile, in Case You Want to Leave a Review

Cursed! Photo: Kevin Spacey

Ladies and gentleman, Miss Velma Kelly in an act of desperation! Local ghoul Kevin Spacey reemerged on Christmas Eve with “Let Me Be Frank,” his three-minute personal address in character as Frank Underwood, a video that seemingly doubled as a defense against sexual-assault allegations. Now, the iMovie-quality short film is officially a credit on Spacey’s IMDb profile: Let Me Be Frank (2018) holds a 7.0/10 rating on the site, and features an apt description: “Kevin Spacey returns as Frank Underwood to rebuke numerous sexual assault allegations.” Spacey was charged with felony sexual assault last week, and is the subject of sexual-assault investigations and was fired by Netflix last November.

What else can an inquiring mind find on the IMDb page of Spacey’s short? Interesting trivia like “This video was realised [sic] to YouTube a day before Spacey was charged with sexually assaulting a teenager at a bar in Massachusetts,” and “The coffee cup Kevin Spacey drinks from is clearly empty.” Take this man’s Wi-Fi away!

Kevin Spacey’s Cursed YouTube Video Has Its Own IMDb Profile