a very kardashian christmas

The Kardashian-Jenner-Wests Really Outdid Themselves This Christmas

If you’ve not been keeping up with the Kardashians (and the Jenners and the Wests and whoever else would like to join), they added a whole nursery’s worth of new babies to the clan this year. So to celebrate this Christmas, they went bigger and more opulent than ever before for their annual party. (Though, controversially, downsized for the Khristmas Kard. Kendall is fine! It’s fine! Rob? Who knows.) Naturally, the whole event was documented on Instagram for the world to envy, from Khloe and True and Kylie and Stormi’s matching outfits, to the all-white theme, to the fairy-lit silver carpet, to the shipped-in snow to sled on (this is L.A., folks), to a hired Santa and Grinch, to John Legend caroling, to selfies with Paris Hilton, to letting Caitlyn Jenner back in their world, if only for one night.

But the greatest Kardashian holiday moment didn’t even happen at the party. Momager of the Century, Kris Jenner, traded in her blonde wig the next morning for a more understated look: massive shades (a hangover’s best friend), matching flannel jammies, bed head … and a $15,000 Goyard suitcase that reads “Rich As Fuck.” Pack it up, plebs. Nothing to see here.

Photo: kourtneykardash/Instagram
The Kardashians Really Outdid Themselves This Christmas