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Céline Dion Is on the Edge, the Edge, the Edge, the Edge of Losing Her Mind at Lady Gaga’s Concert

Céline Dion. Photo: Dave J Hogan/2017 Dave J Hogan

We have some transformer-robots, aerial stunts, a million-and-a-half wardrobe changes, and now, perhaps the most poignant thing of all: one Las Vegas icon christening the reign of another. Canadian megabelter Céline Dion decided to forgo backstage treatment in favor of hanging with us plebeians in the crowd during opening weekend of Lady Gaga’s Enigma residency, and we get to reap the video evidence! So here she is, losing her shit during “The Edge of Glory,” complete with all the jazz hands you could ask for. We just have one thing to ask all the people sitting down while this goddess divine gyrates around them while Gaga croons in the background: Who hurt you?

Watch Céline Dion Dance Wildly at Lady Gaga’s Vegas Concert