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Aw, Lin-Manuel Miranda Put Out a Big Plate of Holiday and a Tall Frosty Glass of Parody for You

Because eating millions upon millions of cookies would at some point cause a human body to explode, America’s Good Singing Dad Lin-Manuel Miranda has left you a much healthier gift to cleanse your palate Monday night: a holiday/pop-song parody medley with Good King Jimmy Fallon. Miranda also announced The Tonight Show’s upcoming January 15 trip to Puerto Rico for an episode dedicated to the island’s recovery from Hurricane Maria. During the very special episode, which takes place during Hamilton’s Puerto Rican benefit tour, Miranda will return to the show’s starring role. All of which means Lin-Manuel Miranda is effectively giving your parents the Hamilton tickets you never did. Not that he would ever rub it in, not that Lin-Manuel.

Watch Fallon and Miranda announce the special Tonight Show Puerto Rico episode below:

Lin-Manuel Miranda Puts Out a Big Plate of Holiday Parodies