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Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Trailer: Lindsay Welcomes You to Life in Mykonos

Like someone who got too into the idea of Mamma Mia!, Lindsay Lohan is building her own Grecian business empire. MTV has released the trailer for its new reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, a sort of variation of Vanderpump Rules about the opening of Lohan’s new club (the titular Lohan Beach House), except set in Mykonos and featuring Lohan herself. “Viewers will get to see a new side of Lohan as she calls the shots with her handpicked team of young and ambitious VIP hosts who will have to do whatever it takes to secure Lohan’s name as the definition of vacation luxury,” MTV promises in a release. “But when the lines between romance, friendship, and work get blurred, the staff will quickly learn they’ll have to prove themselves to their toughest boss yet.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club premieres January 8, though in advance of that, MTV will air an introductory Welcome to the Beach Club special on January 1, and a Lindsay Lohan: Most Memorable moments special where people can “catch up on all things Lindsay” on January 7.

MTV has also announced the list of “VIP Hosts” who will be working at Lohan’s beach club, as well as their Instagram handles, which is the info you really want. They are:

Aristotle Polites – Los Angeles, CA (IG: @aristotlepolites)

Billy Estevez – Los Angeles, CA (IG: @best_evez)

Brent Marks – Las Vegas, NV (IG: @thebrentmarks)

Gabi Andrews – Washington, D.C. (IG: @gabi.greeneyes)

Jonitta Wallace – Los Angeles, CA (IG: @lustisntlove)

Jules Wilson – Denver, CO (IG: @juliannwilson)

May Yassine – New York, NY (IG: @maybae)

Mike Mulderrig – Los Angeles, CA (IG: @mikemgtv)

Sara Tariq – Los Angeles, CA (IG: @thesaratariq) 

Let the thirst following begin!

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Trailer: Welcome to Mykonos