Megan Amram Will Not Be Silenced, Emmy Awards

The Emmy-deserving Megan Amram. Photo: Vimeo/Abso Lutely

Today, a severe injustice was committed against Megan Amram and her many fans when the Television Academy announced some rule changes to next year’s Emmy Awards. The changes will not only affect Black Mirror in the Outstanding Television Movie category but also the Outstanding Short Form categories, since the Academy announced it will implement a “new vetting procedure” for potential short-form nominees going forward. The timing of the short-form change is incredibly suspect considering Amram’s Emmy-nominated short-form entry An Emmy for Megan was, much like Nathan Fielder’s Emmy-hacking video, a hilariously transparent bid to earn an Emmy. Was this change a shameless attempt to keep Amram from getting the Emmy she deserves for the upcoming second season of An Emmy for Megan? We think yes.

We reached out to Amram for an official comment on the matter, and she was kind enough to share some more thoughts on the war the Television Academy has waged against her. “Although it has not been verified and I have not spoken to anyone at the Emmy Academy and there are other valid reasons I could see to change the rules, I am willing to state on the record that this rule change was 100 percent due to my award-deserving series An Emmy for Megan,” she said. “I look forward to this coming year, when season two of An Emmy for Megan will deal with the real-world repercussions of season one.”

When we spoke with Amram about the series in August, she already had some ideas in mind for season two. “I mean, the good thing if I don’t win — and again, I really want to win, so it’s not gonna be great if I don’t — but if I don’t, the silver lining is that I think An Emmy for Megan season two would have so much more real, intense backstory behind it, since everyone who watched season one and read these interviews has lived through it with me,” she said. “I think season two would be a lot darker then. Maybe it’d be a revenge story? Maybe it’d be a true coming-of-age where I have to get in touch with what happened? Maybe I write a book like What Happened, the Hillary Clinton book? I feel like that’s probably the best option: I try to win a Pulitzer for my book about why I lost.” Amram also mentioned she’d like to introduce stunts in season two — particularly, she’d like to get hit by a car: “I want to be like Tom Cruise and I want to do all of my own stunts. It wouldn’t even be that expensive. We would just have to find someone with a car who could hit me with a car.”

Sure, this change could be seen as a setback, but for Amram, it’s merely fodder for an even more award-deserving An Emmy for Megan season two.

Megan Amram Will Not Be Silenced, Emmy Awards