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Presenting Michael B. Jordan, Anchorman Stan

This Graham Norton Show segment may have been birthed for the purpose of showing Steve Carell a bunch of dolls in his likeness, but just like Brick Tamland impaling a newsman with a trident, the best twists come when you least expect them. That’s because none other than Michael B. Jordan revealed himself to be Anchorman’s biggest fan when Carell palled around with his Brick doll, spritzing us all with a bit of verbal Sex Panther to prove his fandom. “Brick killed a guy! Brick killed a guy!” he squealed. “I love lamp! I love that movie! I love lamp!” he declared. 60 percent of the time, we’re attracted to Michael B. Jordan every time. That’s just math.

Michael B. Jordan Geeks Out Over Steve Carell and Anchorman