Michael B. Jordan’s Mom Gave Oprah a Rum Cake, Sounds Like a Perfect Mother-in-Law

Oprah hosted a special award-season party to celebrate Black Panther’s Golden Globe nominations last night. She loved the Marvel movie so much, she said, she composed an email to “her friend Bobby” … that’s Disney CEO Bob Iger, to the rest of us! Though we weren’t in attendance, Oprah has been kind enough to let we, the humble public, join in on the night’s festivities. At the party, Michael B. Jordan’s mom gifted Oprah a rum cake. This morning, Steadman liked it so much he had it for breakfast.

“Look how pretty that is. OhhhhHHHhHHHhhh my! It’s soft, and moist,” Steadman said, cutting himself a morning slice. “It’s probably the best cake I’ve ever had, I have to tell you. This is incredible.” Anyway, Oprah has spoken! Black Panther is her royal decree.

Michael B. Jordan’s Mom Gave Oprah a Rum Cake