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Miley Cyrus Updates a Problematic Christmas Carol for the #MeToo Era

If you’ve missed Miley Cyrus inserting herself into your holiday in weirdly sexual ways, don’t worry. The singer appeared on Thursday night’s episode of The Tonight Show to throw a real wrench in Jimmy Fallon’s plans by updating a problematic Christmas classic. No, not that one. We’re talking about the sexy-in-that-disturbing-1950s-way ‘Santa Baby,’ which Cyrus has now updated for the #MeToo era. And, of course, removed the references to fur, since she’s vegan. It’s kind of a perfect Cyrus moment, since it’s both sexy and politically motivated. Oh, and Mark Ronson is there to finally state the obvious: no, the holidays are not “fun.”

Miley Cyrus Updates a Christmas Carol for the #MeToo Era