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Mortal Engines Slowly, Painfully Grinds to a Halt Opening Weekend, Could Lose $100 Million

Photo: Universal

If you see London sadly chugging its way into the sunset, give it some space. It must be devastated after hearing how Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines bottomed out during its opening weekend, bringing in approximately $7.5 million domestic and $42.3 million worldwide. The film’s budget was over $100 million, potentially setting it up for a nearly $100 million loss, depending on its continued performance.

Directed by Christian Rivers, and produced and co-written by Jackson, Mortal Engines follows the steam punk fantasy journey of humans living in a future dominated by Traction Cities, cities-on-wheels designed to travel the earth and cannibalize smaller towns for resources. Based on the Philip Reeve book series of the same name, Mortal Engines is, unfortunately, a lesser-known big-budget property up against December’s many, many cinematic offerings. Oh, if only the big swings could drive around, gobbling up all the smaller swings.

Mortal Engines Grinds to a Halt, May Lose $100 Million