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Watching This Nathan for You Deleted Scene Won’t Bring the Show Back, But It’s Still Funny

While you’re still grappling with the tragic news that Nathan Fielder’s Comedy Central series Nathan for You will not return for another season, here’s a tiny treat to bring you a little warmth and comfort: a deleted scene from the season-four finale “Finding Frances.” In the clip above, Fielder and Bill Heath attend a college football game together and cheer on Bill’s home team, the Arkansas Razorbacks. As a bonus, the clip also reveals the extremely strange, carb-free way Bill eats hot dogs.

This clip and more are featured on the Nathan for You: The Complete Series DVD, which is available starting today and includes a bunch of other bonus content, like audio commentary on select episodes, the full press conference from the “Dumb Starbucks” episode, and more deleted scenes. It might not be new Nathan for You episodes, but we’ll take what we can get.

Nathan for You Deleted Scene Has Some Strange Hot Dog–Eating