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NBC to Explore the Paranormal With TV Adaptation of The Black Tapes Podcast

Photo: Pacific Northwest Stories

After the success of Amazon’s Homecoming, it’s only a matter of time before your favorite unsettling scripted podcast becomes your favorite unsettling prestige drama. But while Julia Roberts’s streaming vehicle explored the unsettlingly goings-on at a military facility, NBC is apparently recruiting a reporter dedicated to exploring the supernatural. According to Deadline, The Black Tapes is the latest podcast currently in development for the small screen, and the fictional series — created by Paul Bae and Terry Miles — follows journalist Alex Reagan as she does a Serial-style deep dive into the world of ghost hunters and paranormal investigation, pursuing cases documented by professional skeptic Dr. Richard Strand. Bae and Miles will adapt their podcast alongside Emerald City co-creator Matthew Arnold. And, much like every single unscripted TV show about ghost hunting and paranormal investigation, we suspect Alex Reagan is probably going to find evidence of the supernatural in, oh, approximately 1000 percent of the episodes.

NBC Explores the Paranormal With Black Tapes Podcast TV Show