Johnny Weir Joins Netflix Ice-Skating Drama Spinning Out and He Better Be Clad in Sequins

Johnny Weir. Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images

When he’s on duty as an Olympic commentator, Johnny Weir is an American hero. But in Netflix’s upcoming dramatic series Spinning Out, he’s going to turn heel. The show, which was announced with Emma Roberts attached to star but has since recast its lead with Kaya Scodelario, focuses on an up-and-coming figure skater named Kat, whose career is almost destroyed by an injury. To stay on the ice, she turns to pairs skating, because as The Cutting Edge taught us that is where all fallen female singles skaters go to revive a jeopardized career. Evan Roderick will play her “bad boy” partner, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Weir will take the role of Gabe, their rival in the rink. Gabe seems like a chill guy at first, but it turns out he’s a total snake who will stop at nothing to be victorious on the ice. This is going to be a serious TV drama, but that doesn’t mean Weir shouldn’t have his signature high hair and shimmering catsuits. Villains should be bedazzled.

Johnny Weir Joins Netflix Ice-Skating Drama Spinning Out