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Richard Dreyfuss Plays a Late-Bloomer Stand-up in the Last Laugh Trailer

Last year it was revealed that Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss had signed on to star in a Netflix movie together titled The Last Laugh, and now the comedy has a premiere date and trailer. The movie centers on Chase as a retired talent agent who reunites with his first client, Buddy Green (Dreyfuss), a comedian who quit show business 50 years ago. The two pair up again after Chase’s character Al Hart “convinces Buddy to escape their retirement community and hit the road for a cross-country tour.” Kate Micucci, Chris Parnell, Andie Macdowell, and Lewis Black also show up in the film, which hits Netflix on Friday, January 11. Check out the trailer above, which features Chase attempting to buy weed for Dreyfuss and a whole lot of heartwarming acoustic guitar-strumming.

Richard Dreyfuss and Chevy Chase Team Up in The Last Laugh