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Netflix Places Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Order for Sabrina for Parts 3 and 4

More spooky teens! Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix is so very, very pleased with all the chill, hip teen Satanism happening on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that it’s decided to order two more installments of the series at once. The streaming service announced today that it has ordered 16 more episodes of Sabrina, which will constitute parts three and four of the series and go into production next year. But there’s still plenty of Sabrina to come before then, since Netflix ordered two seasons of the show off the bat. Part two will premiere April 5, while the show’s Christmas (or really solstice) special went live this past Friday. Parts three and four will also include new cast members Jedidiah Goodacre as Dorian Gray and Alexis Denisof as Mary Wardwell’s boyfriend, Adam Masters. Now, when will the goth teens of Sabrina get a chance to meet the hot teens of Riverdale?

Netflix Orders Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Parts 3 and 4