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Nick Kroll Wishes Kroll Show Got Inside Amy Schumer-Level Fame

Photo: Taylor Hill/WireImage

A golden sketch era of Comedy Central occurred not even a decade ago, when Key & Peele, Inside Amy Schumer, and Kroll Show cohabited together on the network to indulge viewers with random acts of lolz. This trio of shows, all with their respective comedic styles, were met with pretty equal acclaim, although Nick Kroll is now under the impression his series doesn’t have the same legacy as Schumer, Jordan Peele, and Keegan-Michael Key’s oeuvre. “I was like, ‘I know my show is working. I know it’s liked,’ but seeing the cultural impact of those two shows . . . I felt I had not succeeded in the way that I wanted to,” he explained to Rolling Stone in a new interview. “I’m probably more competitive than I’d like to admit.” To that we say: We think he’s ameezing.

Nick Kroll Wishes Kroll Show Got Inside Amy Schumer Fame