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Here’s Nicole Kidman As Gretchen Carlson With Not One But Two Handbags


Nicole Kidman is currently filming the upcoming Roger Ailes movie that also stars Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly, Margot Robbie as a producer at the news network, and presumably much hairspray and many a wig. Based off a paparazzi photo of Kidman on the film’s set, you can see quite a striking resemblance between Kidman and the Fox News anchor who helped bring down Ailes (is it a weird time to valorize Megyn Kelly? Maybe!). She is also carrying two bags, which seems like an odd thing to do — maybe one contains some very important files or something. It’s worth noting that Naomi Watts is also playing Gretchen Carlson in a Roger Ailes TV show, and that as Gretchen Carlson, Nicole Kidman looks like Naomi Watts. Or maybe the answer is that Naomi Watts looks like Gretchen Carlson, who looks like Nicole Kidman. Or maybe this reveals that everyone in existence is another iteration of Naomi Watts, a series of Watts primes, if you will. [Takes a bong hit.] Let’s go watch Mulholland Drive.

Here’s Nicole Kidman in Her Gretchen Carlson Wig