happy birthday

Enjoy This Supercut of Ted Danson’s Reassuring Arm-Pats on This, the Day of his Birth

Photo: NBC/YouTube

Today is Ted Danson’s birthday! Do you know who cares about that, possibly more than Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen combined? Paul F. Tompkins. The comedian has been celebrating the glad tidings on Twitter all day, even demanding supercuts of his favorite moments of Dansonia. Tompkins requested a compilation of every time Danson’s The Good Place character, Michael, reassuringly pats someone as he leaves a scene. And he got it! Behold, all the moments Michael attempted to assuage fears with the power of his strong and manly hands. We at Vulture hope that Mr. Tompkins only uses his supercut powers for things as uplifting as this. You’d hate to wind up in the Bad Place because you demanded a supercut of every time Jason talks about the Jacksonville Jaguars. No wait, I want that. Someone please make that.

Enjoy This Supercut of Ted Danson’s Good Place Arm Pats