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PBS’s Les Misérables Trailer: Do You Hear the People Sing for Another Olivia Colman Period Drama?

Finally, the inspiration behind “Diner Lobster” is getting its due. The BBC and PBS would like to cordially present the trailer for their Les Misérables miniseries, which is so embodied in the cultural lexicon at this point that we’re not even going to bother typing out the plot description. So instead, we have Dominic West as the convict Jean Valjean, David Oyelowo as the wicked Inspector Javert, Lily Collins as the righteous Fantine, and Olivia Colman as the petty thief-lovin’ Madame Thénardier. An important programming note, though: There won’t be any singing or dancing in this particular adaptation. Sorry, pardon! It’ll premiere April 14th at 9pm ET on PBS.

PBS’s Les Misérables: Watch Olivia Colman in the Trailer