R.I.P. Absolutely Fabulous Star June Whitfield

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Legendary British comedic actress, Dame June Whitfield, has died. She was 93. When Whitfield was made a dame last year, Prince Charles said the event was “some time coming,” and apparently the Queen herself does a mean impression of Whitfield’s character in a 1953 radio comedy.

Whitfield wove her way into many of the English-speaking world’s comedy institutions. She played Miss Marple on BBC 4 for nine years. She was a part of the Carry On stable of players. She led the BBC sitcom Terry and June for eight years. And she briefly cameoed in the iconic London episodes of Friends.

But Whitfield is probably best well known for playing the dottie grandma on Absolutely Fabulous. Whitfield’s Gran gave the show a backbone of common sense, and always had one-liners that cut her daughter down to size. And if this was an Ab Fab episode, Whitfiled would now interject and turn that last sentence into a fat joke.

R.I.P. Absolutely Fabulous Star June Whitfield