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Throw That Yule Log Away and Join Terry Crews for a Cozy Christmas Painting Session

Before you ask, no, NBC’s LIVE! A Very Terry Christmas: Cozy 24-Hour Painting Sesh With Terry Crews did not confine the Brooklyn-Nine Nine star to a faux living room somewhere he was forced to paint, sleep, eat and use the bathroom in the simulacrum of a cheery holiday house until he collapsed from carpal tunnel and paint fumes. We know; we asked. Instead, the network is seemingly streaming a relaxing daylong loop of Terry Crews paining a pretty excellent Christmas tree, soothing you with a calm Bob Ross-style patter and sharing stream of consciousness musings such as, “All judgement stops creativity. Especially at Christmas.” So go ahead, put this on in the background of your holiday party tonight and enjoy the dulcet whisper of Terry’s Christmas brush.

Relax and Watch Terry Crews’ Cozy Christmas Painting Session