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A Holiday Message from Reno 911: Let the Prisoners Out of Your Sex Dungeon

The holidays are tough, especially if you’re trapped in a sex dungeon. That’s why the good folks of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department have made this PSA to get the good word out: it’s olly olly oxen free on sex dungeons. This informative video, and others like it, will air on Comedy Central New Year’s Eve during a Reno 911! marathon. From 9AM December 31 to 4AM January 1, Comedy Central will run episodes of the classic improvised comedy. Cast members Thomas Lennon, Ben Garant, Kerri Kenney-Silver, and Carlos Alazraqui reunited for PSA’s that will run during the marathon. Reno 911! aired for six seasons (and one criminally underrated movie) and featured almost every funny person in creation.

Reno 911! Returns for a Marathon and Brand New PSA’s