Balenciaga! Ryan Murphy Says the Coven Witches Will Return to AHS

Photo: FX

The witches of American Horror Story: Coven led the most end-to-end entertaining season of AHS in years with the recent Apocalypse, and Ryan Murphy knows that you want more of their sweet magic. At the dedication for his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday, the Horror Story ringmaster told Entertainment Tonight that “The witches will be back.” He added, “Not next season, but we have something really fun planned.” It sounds like Murphy gave ET the update before he even had a chance to tell his Supreme and her disciples they’d be coming back for more, since when he was pressed for details Murphy told them, “I can’t say what it is! I’m going to this luncheon, and many of the Horror Story actors are there, and I’m gonna tell them for the first time.” So there you have it! Coven updates hot off the presses, and we defy anyone at FX to tell Murphy, “No, you can’t have more witches on the show.” Stay tuned for more specifics and sartorial updates on Cordelia, Zoey, Queenie, Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt & Co.

Balenciaga! Ryan Murphy Says the Coven Will Return to AHS