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The Video for Sam Smith’s Watership Down Song Will Absolutely (Ship)wreck You

Anyone familiar with Richard Adam’s Watership Down could have predicted that the upcoming Watership miniseries on BBC wouldn’t be a walk in the park. Turns out, though, it is a walk in the park. The park just happens to be riddled with rabbit death traps like hunters, housing developments, train tracks, and of course other, more evil rabbits. The show’s trailer was intense enough, but the most harrowing moments of the series, including an injured bunny limping across a road, under a Sam Smith ballad? If you’re feeling emotionally fragile this holiday season, maybe put this one on ice until the New Year. If this is exactly what you want to watch when you are emotionally fragile, the show starts streaming on Netflix Sunday, December 23.

Sam Smith’s Watership Down Song Will (Ship)wreck You