Enter the Demented Mind of Sarah Squirm With Adult Swim’s New Infomercial

Sarah Squirm (a.k.a. Chicago-based comedian Sarah Sherman) is a name you’re going to want to look out for in 2019. She made our list of “Comedians You Should and Will Know” this year for her work with Helltrap Nightmare, which also doubles as the perfect description for her Adult Swim debut this week. Not long after the network aired Lorelei Ramirez’s wonderfully weird infomercial “Pervert Everything,” Squirm’s own infomercial, “Flayaway,” debuted this week. Consider yourself warned: If you don’t like things that are scary and disgusting, or you don’t like colorful but graphic depictions of body hair, nipples, genitals, pus, blood, and pimple-popping, you’re gonna have a tough time getting through this video. But if you can handle horrific yet cartoonish body horror (and if you, like Squirm, appreciate the finer things in life like hair-removal and the “stiff fibrous belly bristles” of horses) then strap in for this truly unforgettable 11-minute ride.

Enter the Demented Mind of Sarah Squirm With ‘Flayaway’