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Michael Che’s Ode to Bidets Shows Just How Far SNL Has Come

Fourteen years after Martin Lawrence was banned from SNL for urging women to douche, co-head writer Michael Che got to do an entire desk piece about the joys of washing one’s ass. Bidet company Tushy had its ads banned from the NYC subway, and Che is not having it. “People need to know about bidets,” he said. “I just got one and it changed by life. It’s glorious. Food tastes better, I can jump higher, I want children now. I’m a better person.” Che got to spend two whole minutes extolling the virtues of ass-washing, which just goes to show that comedy is continually evolving. Or maybe if Lawrence had talked about washing his own as 14 years ago, everything would have been cool. Side note: Tushy was founded by the Thinx lady. You know, the one with the big hat who got fired from her own company for allegedly having no boundaries? Yeah, her.

SNL: Michael Che’s Ode to Bidets