Warm Your Icy Heart With Adam Sandler’s Musical Tribute to Chris Farley

Near the end of Adam Sandler’s recent Netflix comedy special 100% Fresh, the comedian shared a heartfelt musical tribute to his longtime friend and fellow former Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Farley. Today marks 21 years since Farley died, so Netflix went ahead and uploaded the full seven-minute clip to YouTube. The song is loaded with references to classic Farley SNL sketches, including the Gap Girls, Matt “Van Down by the River” Foley, the “Chippendales” sketch, the Super Fans, and the Lunch Lady. Later in the song, Sandler reflects on the last time he got to hang out with Farley at Tim Meadows’s wedding, going to his funeral, and keeping Farley’s comedy legacy alive by showing his kids clips of Farley’s performances. It’s a loving, emotional, perfect tribute to a comedy legend … and since you might find yourself a little misty-eyed at the end, here’s a good chaser:

Adam Sandler’s Heartwarming Song About Chris Farley