How Does Cecily Strong Breathe During This ‘Jingle Bells’ SNL Sketch?

Saturday Night Live’s holiday episode featuring host Matt Damon came bearing plenty of gifts over the weekend, including a new installment of Heidi Gardner’s character Angel, a pitch-perfect Hannah Gadsby impression by Aidy Bryant, and a sketch all about Weezer. Another treat came in the form of the “Jingle Bells” sketch, in which Cecily Strong plays a Broadway-style singer named Diane Gellerman who, along with her gay ex-husband Sonny (Damon), delivers some top-notch Christmas entertainment. Of course, given that Diane is a downtown gal, she doesn’t sing “Jingle Bells” the old, boring, traditional way — no, she puts her own Barbra Streisand-inspired spin on it in a way that will make you wonder how Strong manages to find the time to breathe during the performance. Cecily’s Diane now joins the Sweeney Sisters in SNL’s women holiday-lounge-singer hall of fame.

How Does Cecily Strong Breathe During This SNL Sketch?