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SNL Continues Its ‘Let’s Endearingly Emasculate Eric Trump’ Comedy Journey

Out of all the loony people in the Trump administration who’ve received the wrath of an SNL impression, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. fall on different sides of the comedy spectrum: Junior comes across as a decently competent guy who has a big heart for his younger brother, while Eric, um, is an idiot with the mind of a 4-year-old who says things like “Mr. Pillowfort” and “Mr. Papa John’s Pizza”. (Manafort and Papadopoulos, obvi.) The latest sketch featuring the duo follows this ethos all too well, with Eric snuggling up in his race-car bed, clutching his cuddly shark toy, and getting all aghast at the concept of contractions. Also, there might be a legit boogeyman in his closet, which definitely isn’t the cheap steel his dad uses to build towers.

SNL Continues Its Quest to Emasculate Eric Trump