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Saturday Night Live Lays Bare Netflix’s Plans for Total World Domination

Netflix may have just canceled three-fourths of its Defenders, but it still has more content than even God could watch. SNL let us take a peek into Netflix’s plans to bring about the singularity by putting out so many shows that the My List feature folds in on itself. On the docket are a prequel to The Crown and a gritty reboot of Family Matters, which I would watch. Instead of Urkel shouting “Did I do that?” Officer Winslow screams at the heavens “Why did I do that?!” However, they did miss a chance for Kenan to fold in Reginald VelJohnson’s other most famous character, the cop in Die Hard. How fun would the Family Matters reboot be if Officer Winslow’s catchphrase was “I shot a kid!”

SNL Lays Bare Netflix’s Plan for World Domination