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Claire Foy’s Meeting With the Queen Didn’t Even Include Crown Talk

While we wait for the inevitable photo opp of The Crown’s entire original cast having afternoon tea with the Windsors at Buckingham Palace — c’mon royals, Prince Philip isn’t getting any younger, you know — Claire Foy’s SNL monologue can provide us with some quality fan service in the meantime. Because not only did she fess up to meeting the queen at one point, but their entire conversation was devoid of Crown chit-chat for time and space reasons. “This is a real story. I was invited to an event at Buckingham Palace, the real one. I’m waiting in line to meet the queen and a million questions are running through my mind,” Foy recalled. “What will the queen say to me? How will I respond? And then it happened. I shook the queen’s hand, and she smiled at me and said absolutely nothing about The Crown. Not a single word. Of course, this was three years before I did The Crown, but still.” Damnit, Foy. This is some real Doctor Who shit you just put us through.

SNL: The Crown’s Claire Foy Actually Met Queen Elizabeth