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SNL’s Dinner Party Descends Into Madness, Courtesy of … Weezer?

You know Weezer, right? Those nice boys from Los Angeles who dabble in very pleasant rock? Frankly, if you don’t like them, burn in hell and drink your own blood, or at least vehemently defend your favorite era of the band, as two dinner guests (Matt Damon and Leslie Jones) ended up doing, much to the chagrin of their confused pals. Quick, pick a side: Real Weezer fans know they haven’t had a good album since Pinkerton, or they’re ride or die through the Raditude and Pacific Daydream years, man. Viva la Rivers!

Update: And if you, too, understand Rivers Cuomo better than he understands himself, you already know the Weezer frontman’s reaction to the sketch.

Update, December 18: Lest you take Rivers Cuomo’s Twitter as gospel — which, have you scrolled though that thing lately? — the front man has provided an important clarification that he did not actually see the SNL sketch and you really shouldn’t believe everything you see on his feed. “No. You know my Twitter, right? There’s little on there that’s literally true,” he tells Rolling Stone. “A lot of it is Trump-true. Like, I agree with the spirit of what I’m tweeting, but a lot of times it’s not factually correct.” Welcome to the simulation, folks.

SNL: Weezer Causes Christmas Party to Descend Into Madness