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Stranger Things 3 Teases Titles, Which Read Like Dance Moves These Kids’ll Have to Learn to Survive

Evacuate the dance floor! There’s a Mind Flayer towering over it. Netflix knows it’s got you right where it wants you, and the place it wants you is, well, exceedingly strange. On Sunday, the streaming platform dropped a teeny, tiny teaser for Stranger Things Season 3, revealing only the titles of the season’s episodes, most of which seem like dance moves those poor kids will be forced to learn to escape the Upside Down’s numerous hell beasts. Let’s hope for Will’s sake The Sauna doesn’t have too many steps. The teaser also reveals that the upcoming season takes place in the summer of 1985, less than a year after the events of Season 2, which begins right before Halloween 1984. All of which means … well, whatever you want it to, at least until the series drops … well, whenever it does in 2019!

Start Your Wild Guessing: Stranger Things 3 Teases Titles