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Stephen Colbert Gives Steve Carell a Very Thoughtful Christmas Gift That Was 25 Years in the Making

Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert — or as old-school Daily Show fans know them, Even Stevphen — got to catch up last night when Carell visited The Late Show. Given their long history of working together at the Second City, The Dana Carvey Show, and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, there was a whole lot of comedy-nerd gold discussed. In addition to revealing a fun bit of Colbert Report trivia (Colbert offered a job to a critic who wrote a scathing review of one of Carell’s early television roles, but the writer turned down the gig), the interview also delves into a classic Second City sketch we originally unearthed back in 2015 (the clip has sadly since been removed). The 1994 sketch features Carell as Fabio with Colbert providing his voice. After rolling the clip, Colbert surprised Carell with the same Fabio album they used to prepare for the sketch — only this time, it’s signed, in gold, by Fabio himself. Fabio also decided to send in a signed photograph of himself calling Carell “a true romantic.” If that’s not the perfect 25-year full-circle comedy moment, I don’t know what is.

Colbert Gives Steve Carell a Very Thoughtful Christmas Gift