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Did Steve Carell Really Improv Anchorman’s ‘I Love Lamp,’ Or Is He Just Saying It Because He Saw It?

Photo: DreamWorks Pictures

Carpet. Desk. Lamp. Those are the iconic three items Steve Carell’s perpetually awkward weatherman, Brick Tamland, declares his love for in one of Anchorman’s funniest scenes, much to the confusion of his Channel 4 News Team. (Just wait until he kills a guy with a trident.) There’s a solid chance in the years since that you’ve had to endure a line-by-line reading of that lamp-y vignette from a friend or random bystander, but as Carell revealed during a recent 92nd Street Y talk, filming it was all-the-more hilarious because it was completely improvised. “I would stand in front of the camera and say these non-sequiturs,” he explained about embodying the character. “Adam [McKay] was like, ‘We should have more lines for you, but we don’t have any on the page.’ He literally said ‘Just say something,’ and hence came ‘I ate a big red candle’ and ‘I love lamp.’ The ‘I love lamp’ thing was just me at the end of a scene staring at a lamp and I said ‘I love lamp’ and Will [Ferrell] picked up on it and said, ‘You’re just saying things you’re looking at.’”

Or, as Carell now fondly reminisces: “And we got paid to do it.” He definitely loves lamp, and money!!!!!

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