Supernatural is Bringing Back Baddie-Daddy Jeffrey Dean Morgan for 300th Episode

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (left) with Supernatural star Jared Padalecki. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Supernatural, a show that is still airing new episodes, is bringing back a beloved deceased character for its 300th. According to TVLine, the show is bringing back Sam and Dean’s dad John Winchester, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. This will be Morgan’s second or maybe third TV resurrection. John Winchester disappeared, died, came back, killed a demon, and died again. And on Grey’s Anatomy, Morgan’s Denny died and came back in some very sexy brain-tumor hallucinations. Supernatural’s 300th episode, titled “Lebanon,” will air February 7, 2019. Executive producer Andrew Dabb teased that “a few other surprise guest stars” would be in the mix. That means Supernatural has a chance to bring back any number of female characters killed off in service of the Very Sad Brothers’ character development. Here’s hoping for Jo!

Supernatural Bringing Back Jeffrey Dean Morgan for 300th Ep