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The ABC Murders Trailer: It’s Hercule Poirot, Now With a Goatee

We have a bunch of dead bodies splattered around ’30s-era England, so you know what that means. Break out the Hercule Poirot, baby! As the newest installment in the Poirot canon, John Malkovich and his Big Facial Hair Detective Energy are patrolling the country in The ABC Murders, searching for a killer who’s riding the rails to commit a series of gruesome, methodical murders — and who loves to leave bloody railroad guides at the scene of each crime to really piss off all the linguists out there. Rupert Grint and that creepy guy from Twin Peaks: The Return also star alongside Malkovich, and the three episodes will premiere on February 1 on Amazon Prime.

The ABC Murders Trailer: Hercule Poirot Now Has a Goatee