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The Tidying Up With Marie Kondo Trailer Wants to Bring an Insane Amount of Joy to Cleaning

Even if you love cleaning, there’s no way you love it as much as organizational guru Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo loves cleaning so much she will go into strangers’ homes and jump around like a sprite of tidiness in the pursuit of helping you determine what possessions spark joy in your life. And that’s basically the setup for her new Netflix series, Tidying Up. Kondo will kindly and patiently walk into the lives of people facing challenging circumstances, and help them rediscover true happiness through order. Honestly, Kondo seems so enthusiastic about the process we’ve pretty much bought into the emotionally transformative power of taking your stuff to Goodwill. The eight-episode series starts streaming on Netflix on January 1 — a new year, a new you.

Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s Tidying Up With Marie Kondo