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Tom Hanks, Burger Santa, Swings by In-N-Out to Buy Everybody Lunch

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

The fourth Thursday of November might be Thanksgiving, but this year marks the first Hanxgiving, the new holiday commemorating the day Tom Hanks delivered unto the people an abundance of extremely free burgers and fries. According to CBS Los Angeles, the actor and his wife Rita Wilson recently visited an In-N-Out in Fontana, California and, while there, put everyone’s meal on their tab.

The actor also took photos with all the Tom Hanks fans in the building, which presumably constituted 100 percent of the people in that particular In-N-Out. Shout-out to any customer who put pride aside and used the opportunity to rack up the insane In-N-Out order of their dreams. This is Tom Hanks we’re talking about. You can’t let a moment like that slide through your spread-covered fingers.

Tom Hanks, Burger Santa, Buys Lunch for Everyone at In-N-Out