Troma’s Toxic Avenger Falls in Another Vat of Toxic Waste, Emerges as a Potential Reboot

Photo: Troma Entertainment

Hollywood is essentially playing chicken with superhero-loving audiences at this point, and as far as we’re concerned, it’s finally paying off. The latest benevolently violent mutant to get the studio treatment is apparently Troma Entertainment’s beloved cult crime-fighter Toxic Avenger. While Legendary has reportedly acquired the rights to the 1984 low-budge film, the movie’s directors Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman are onboard to produce its eventual reboot.

As you might recall, the original film followed the inspirational tale of Melvin Ferd, nerdy janitor turned jacked-freak turned hero of Tromaville after barely surviving an accidental run-in with, you guessed it, toxic waste. THR says Toxie’s cinematic journey might even be expanded into a franchise, which is honestly the least you can do when someone gets mutated by toxic waste.

Toxic Avenger Reportedly Might Rise Again as a Reboot