RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 4, Episode 2: We Have Thoughts

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Praise Henny, our lord and savior Queen Henny has returned to us, and we are living for it, henny. The Henny-ous return this week of Stacy Layne Matthews and her Payless flats sends What the Tuck hosts Joel Kim Booster and Nicole Byer on a trip down Drag Race memory lane to wonder why “henny” remains so endearing in this age of nonstop “Brown Cow Stunning” and “Queen Sponge,” and mourn the fact that we don’t see more preseason five queens on All-Stars.

With that addressed, Joel and Nicole are free to dig into the big, meaty questions at the heart of “Super Girl Groups, Henny”: Just how heinously toxic is Gia, and do we even care when it’s so damn entertaining to watch? (Very, and no.) Was Latrice Royale robbed? (Yes, henny, yes.) How are girls still coming on this show not knowing how to sew? (We can’t even.) And just what was that swing-swanging around under Naomi’s runway lewk? (Peep the episode title.) Plus, a play-by-play analysis of the GIF gold mine that was Gia and Farrah’s werkroom showdown, an appreciation of the drag energy guest judges Kacey Musgraves and Ciara brought to their panel outfits (that whip, Kacey!), and a brief dip into the sea of glowing What the Tuck reviews. (Hey, rate and review us, won’t you?) So let’s get into it — click play, henny!

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RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 4, Episode 2: We Have Thoughts