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If You Want to Be the Next Bachelor Leading Man, Don’t Tell the Public

Photo: Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images

For the Twitterati who went into a tizzy when proud, messy virgin Colton Underwood was chosen as the newest eligible Bachelor bachelor, the following intel from showrunner Mike Fleiss won’t exactly make fans of Blake Horstmann and Jason Tartick feel any better. That’s because, in a new interview with EW, Fleiss admitted that the duo’s active social-media interest in landing the gig wasn’t “necessarily a good thing,” and even made a stronger case for the media-savvy Underwood. All three men, though, met with ABC and were considered by the network. “It’s a hard decision to make every time. The Jason people are pissed, the Blake people are pissed,” Weiss explained, making a case for why Underwood possessed the most reality-star power in the end:

We like this guy. He’s interesting, he’s certainly hunky, he looks the part, he’s an all-American kid, a football player. The virginity thing is interesting. And we think that just the potential of [Colton losing his virginity] creates added stakes for this season. When we sat with all the guys that we were considering, Colton just seemed like a star. When you’re in the room with him, you’re like, that’s a big personality, a big presence. He just won us over.

Yes. When it doubt, send in the virgin!

Why Colton Underwood Was Picked As The Bachelor’s Lead