Woodstock Is Coming Back More Hipster Than Ever, With TED Talks

Hippies in the wild. Photo: John Dominis/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

While some of us have yet to recover from the trauma of Woodstock ’99, it’s that time again to go on celebrating the original. For its 50th anniversary, Woodstock will return to where it all began, Bethel Woods, New York, for another three days of debauchery next August. Though, perhaps having learned a thing or two from its, ummm, troublesome history, it’s aiming to be a more peacefully planned affair. In addition to the music — there’s no lineup yet, but we imagine it’ll be open call to all boomer bands, except maybe the Who — there’ll be “TED-style talks” from “leading futurists” and “retro-tech experts.” Which is to say, if that one eccentric uncle of yours who only communicates in morse code and microdoses religiously goes missing for a weekend next summer, just road-trip it upstate and you’re bound to find him onstage forming a cult. There will also be access to the Bethel Woods museum, with a new ridiculously long-titled exhibit to commemorate the anniversary, plus “entertainment villages” and “bespoke performance areas.” Coachella, who?

Woodstock Returning for 50th Anniversary, With TED Talks