2019 golden globes

Christian Bale Brings Back Real Accent, Thanks Satan in Globes Acceptance Speech

Christian Bale, using his real accent, started his Golden Globes acceptance speech telling everyone that his wife advised “a less-is-more” approach if he got to accept an award, lest his mouth get away from him. Fortunately, the attempted restraint didn’t last too long while accepting his trophy for Actor in a Musical or Comedy, with Bale saying he’s “cornered the market” on playing “charisma-free assholes,” thanking Satan for providing inspiration for his performance as Vice President Dick Cheney, and then asking his fellow Globe attendees if Mitch McConnell should be the next “charisma-free asshole” he suits up to play. To Sibi Blazic, Bale’s wife: you tried your best!

Christian Bale Credits Satan for Inspiring Vice Performance