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50 Cent Insists His $3,000 Concert Power Move Against Ja Rule ‘Wasn’t a Big Deal’

Even if you barely know anything about the long feud between Queens rappers 50 Cent and Ja Rule, the latest footnote in their Beef History should likely amuse you anyway. Last fall, 50 bought the first four rows at one of his foe’s concerts, so they could be left completely empty throughout the performance. To add insult to injury, all of the tickets were publicly bought on Groupon for $15 each, meaning 50 was able to execute his scheme for a mere $3,000. Stephen Colbert just had to learn more about this iconic power move during their chat on Friday, but the rapper insisted it “wasn’t a big deal” in the slightest. “I was like, How much are the tickets? $15? Okay, give me the first four rows,” 50 recalled about the decision. “Now you gotta test your showmanship, when you come in and nobody’s in the front seats. You gotta still perform like everyone’s there!” Ah, rich people.

50 Cent Explains, Defends His Ja Rule Feud Concert Prank