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A GoFundMe for the Fyre Fest Caterers Has Raised Over $160,000

Maryann Rolle. Photo: Netflix

Elvis and Maryann Rolle, whose Great Exuma restaurant fed staff at 2017’s infamous Fyre Festival, have now raised more that $160,000 via GoFundMe to recoup their losses. Maryann Rolle is featured in Netflix’s documentary of the festival, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, explaining that she sunk more that $50,000 of her own savings to cater the event, leaving her nearly bankrupt in its aftermath. The owners of Exuma Point Resort, Bar & Grille have set a goal of $123,000, and at time of publication they have exceeded it with an astounding $165,310. Variety reported that the GoFundMe was shared by Fyre EP Gabrielle Bluestone, indicating the account is genuine. “Personally I don’t even like to talk about the Fyre Festival,” Rolle said, through tears, in the documentary. “Just take it away and let me start a new beginning because they really, really, really hurt me. I am really hurt.”

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GoFundMe for the Fyre Fest Caterers Raises Over $160,000