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Cakedonald’s Is One of Andy Samberg’s Greatest Gifts to Us

Fresh off his Golden Globes hosting gig, Andy Samberg is bringing us the late-night sketch we didn’t know we needed. And while the haircuts may draw focus at first, this is so much more than wigs. Finally, Samberg just says what we’ve all been thinking for years, right to “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)”’s face. Then, as something of a coup de grâce, he debuts a new cake-only restaurant: Cakedonald’s. It has a real website! It has a jingle! It’s open for 15 minutes on Mondays only! And no, it’s not just a bakery! It’s Cakedonald’s! This is a wholly different and necessary thing.

Andy Samberg Blesses Us With Cakedonald’s